Alkaline water, detoxification

NANNA alkaline water and functional water line, purification, detoxification and immune system

AQUA-PLASTECH Kft (1996) is based on an activity of small-scale industry started in 1982 as a family enterprise for soda water production and it is a fully Hungarian-owned business.

Due to the permanent innovation activity of our family and company, our products and services,  our company has received recognition not only in Hungary but also abroad. We have established  traditions of soda water as Hungaricum (unique Hungarian product) in many countries. We have installed complete plants in the Baltic countries, Russia, Kazakhstan and  in the neighboring countries. Even in Spain the technology developed by our company is applied for production and our bottles under design patent are also used.

In 1996 a technology of soda water production, the necessary means and packaging  were developed. In possession of all this we have developed a franchise system including 48 franchise partners in Hungary and over 50 franchise partners abroad today. Our company represented the first Hungarian-owned franchise system  in Poland.  The only soda water product in Hungary is D-Soda-Water currently that appears in uniform quality and image both in Hungary and abroad.  The means required for soda water production have been produced for more than 20 years by our company. Today our enterprise is almost the only one to supply soda water producers with spare parts, bottles, crates and balloons.

Currently production and warehousing are performed at our company site in Hajdúsámson in a covered area of  3500 square meters with  20-30 employees.  More than  20 design patents have been filed under the name János Darabos with the Hungarian Patent Office. The water of our well (210 m) is the officially recognized  „Főnix” mineral water a completely pure 11,000-year-old mineral water, which is bottled in the course of soda water production and is subjected to an electric water treatment and our functional water products and drinks are made  by using this water.  Food Safety Management System ISO 22000 has been operated since the beginning of April 2011 and the integrated enterprise resource management system will be launched currently.

When the franchise system was formed more than ten years ago I  discovered  so far unknown features of water due to the electrical treatment these waters were subjected to.  Sparing no money, time and energy, this finding encouraged us to develop our products promoting amazing physiological effects and are sold as finished goods today  to the maximum. The physiological effects of our waters have been proved in various fields: our oxygen and alkaline  waters were drunk by Hungarian athletes at  the Olympic Games in Peking and the members of the Hungary  women’s national handball team and the national Canoe/Kayak team also drank this water during preparation period  (it prevents production of lactic acid and muscular strain etc.).  Their positive effect  is proved by experimental examples in the field of public health  in case of pyrosis, chronic diarrhea, chronic fatigue, other digestive problems,    Helicobacter pylori or  Candida albicans infection.

The antioxidant effect and the ability of our oxygen water to bind free radicals are over 70 %  and they both have been proved.  Our water rich in hydrogen excellently breaks down roughage and it has  excellent disinfection  effect. It can help patients suffering from diabetes. Our latest innovation that is being launched now is supplement  iodine deficiency wide-spread all over the world and selenium  with our waters and drinks. These products help the human body in a way almost unique in the world.  The background tests of  this product development are conducted  at an accredited laboratory through  Agricultural Molecular Research Institute under the leadership of  internationally re-known Prof. Dr. habil. Dinya Zoltán DSC.

The packaging of Nanna  product line  designed and manufactured by our company is unique and it has been registered in Europe as a trademark. It is  manufactured at our site in  Hajdúsámson.

View of our company site in Hajdúsámson.

Our references in the field of soda water production and means relating to soda water production: at least 2.000  soda water producers both in Hungary and abroad, regional Coop and Real  supermarkets in Hungary and other retail units and  catering establishments.

References of products on sale in conventional stores of functional waters: Coop supermarket chain  in Hungary as outstanding reference; our products are delivered to the regional  COOP stores. Further references are Match stores, Lekkerland, Herbaház, Mediline, bio stores, gyms, Reál and CBA supermarket chains  (Kerekes Kft) and other retail units and catering establishments and Cora Harmony own brand products.

A vasodilation sack called “Home mofetta” is another product other than our water products  but it has been designed as our own patent for the purpose of prevention and health  for the treatment of vascular diseases.  Its great benefit is that this product is not a stationary unit co anybody can use it individually anywhere.  The waterproof and gas proof cloth of the  trousers with a special design up to the waist (a kind of sack)  ensures that the gas covers the body during treatment and it does not escape.

Our objectives are to make products that meet the requirements of health-conscious and health developing adults on the basis of the present position of science.  As stated by the following quotation by József Fodor  („Health protection is not only a challenge and duty for physicians   but also an educational matter: if you educate more and more people,  you will have to cure fewer and fewer of them”), it is our duty  to make people aware of our experience and develop understanding and promote conscious healthy way of life.