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Functional water

Water is part of our everyday life, still,  we do not know much about it.  What does it mean that water is „functional”? what are clusters ?

Did you know that 71 percent of the  earth’s surface is covered with water?  There is, however another more frightening fact! 2,5 percent of 71 percent is fresh water and the rest is salty water in other words water of seas and oceans not fit for drinking. Beyond the water supply in the form of glaciers and snow blankets, we have access to one third of fresh water supply on earth only  as 98 percent of potable water can be found under surface!

Another worrying fact may be that our planet faces considerable lack of drinking water as the water supply on earth dramatically decreases! Just imagine almost 80 percent of  worldwide water consumption  is used by agriculture!  However, both people and agriculture us a huge amount of water.  We “eat” our water supply with our meals! 2,000-5,000 liters of water are needed for making our daily meals  and food in an amount of 11,000,000 tons  (and water in an amount needed for preparing food) is thrown out as waste every year!  Average water us of  households in Hungary is 11 liters/person a day  and one fourth thereof is used for flushing toilets!  The rest of water used is full of detergent and other harmful chemicals. On average less than 2 liters of water is drunk a day.

When we say water is the base of life  we do not think the essential water supply to be found in our environment.  Could you believe that 60-70 percent of our body consist of water? What is more, if somebody  is said to “have water on the brain”    he/she does not have to feel hurt as on second thought we all have water on the brain!  Why?   80-82 percent of our brain as the organ regulating the functioning of our body consists of water. If we deprive water from our body cells stop functioning and life also stops.
„You appreciate wells only if they have become dry.”
(Benjamin Franklin)

In the 21st century lack of water is a particularly considerable problem and water contamination  caused by agents in pharmaceutical products  or hormones generates serious damages. Conventional water treatment technologies cannot be applied for managing contamination  and  there have not been any innovative  and efficient solutions. Supply of healthy and health providing water and draining off superficial waters have had always a considerable problem for the actual society  and  its is of high priority to supply our body with water of sufficient quantity and proper quality!

Water clusters in water have particular and so far partly unknown features and physiological effects to be understood by conventional approach with difficulty, which has been confirmed by the latest scientific results  .

Water clusters are water groups that contain water molecules in various number and they also include ions and charges. These groups can be experienced in different symmetry, sizes and arrangements.
Physiological effect of water clusters
Speaking about the physiological effects of water clusters first let have a look at the processes within cells.  Various external effects and substances get through cell membranes so-called “cell fence” into the cells. The substances and external positive or negative effects get into the cells through channels.  Do you remember the big blue slide leading to the dimensions of a parallel world through which the characters of the film series   Sliders were passing to have some amazing challenges? Certain effects and water slide into a new world in other words into cells as discovers  where they face several tasks to be solved.

Just imagine. What would you take with you if  you were heading to a parallel dimension?  You would not obviously take  half accessories or fittings of your flat but the most necessary things only that are needed to survive. Electrolyzed water behave  just as electrolyzed water does the same. The channels that is the big blue slides that transport various substances into your cells are with specified sizes. It  is therefore essential which internal structure the water introduced in your body  as water clusters of particular size and symmetry can get through these channels !

There are water clusters of different size and symmetry for mineral waters and for electrolyzed waters. Mineral waters have big clusters that cannot get into your cells through the channels in cell membranes  so they cannot have their positive physiological effect! They cannot get into the new world and have their effect there so they are left out of adventures.

Your biological molecules ( e.g. enzymes) have a certain  configuration.  They are surrounded by water clusters  so jointly they create the structures that have a biological effect. In the new dimension the sliders are never alone  and they get involved in new adventures with the inhabitants of that world.  Certain substances getting in your body will stay in reciprocal effect with the “original population” of your body.  If water clusters cannot stabilize the biological molecules they cannot have their positive or negative physiological effects! Water clusters have therefore a part in creating configuration of these biological molecules that is their biological activity.

Your body include a lot of substances within the cells or in the intercellular space. A part of them is with ion structure and another part is without ion structure. Those ones with ion structure are surrounded by water bubbles and water clusters  such as substances of the nervous system or neurotransmitters.  Positive charge has its effect together with water clusters! United we stand, the sliders also said.
It is amazing! Water is an information carrier!
Water means life.  You drink it, wash yourself and do the washing by using it so it has a particular and essential place in your life.  Did you know that water is both the integral part of your everyday life  and information carrier? Scientists in the various parts of the world and  separately from each other discovered that water includes not only substances to be proved chemically but  other information it contacts? Water can store any information at a particular frequency and transmit it to another system such as the human body under certain circumstances! Another more amazing fact is that scientists have not discovered how information can be obtained from water! It is an amazing result, isn’t it? Just imagine the situation that in computers a liter of water is installed instead of chips ?!
Drink for our health!
Healthy way of life or right meals, regular exercise and drinking water of sufficient quality and quantity are all essential for everyone! If you are healthy, you have to observe the unwritten rules of food and drink intake for prevention. If you suffer from any disease you have to start having healthy meals for your recovery! Eat cereals, fruit and vegetables, legumes, dairy products, honey, fish and high quality water! Let the nature help you! First of all do a lot of exercise!
What does “functional”  water mean?
“Functional water” is water (still or fizzy) or water solution based on conventional drinking water, spring-water or mineral water made for a positive health protecting purpose and obtained by a special in general electrical treatment and/or  adding  method. Functional waters  have presumably positive physiological effects due to electrical treatments. Acid-base balance, modification, influencing of  redox balance or detoxification etc. have beneficial effects.  Another group of functional waters is added functional waters and this group is bigger than the waters  treated or modified. These are made by adding  inorganic  (e.g. trace elements. calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, potassium etc.) and organic  (e.g. vitamin C, antioxidants of plant origin fruit, vegetable and herbal extracts, caffeine, inositol,  plant acids, glutathione, L-carnitine, enzymes etc.) ingredients artificially. These include several soft drinks or energy drinks.

The third group include „medicinal drinks” having positive physiological effects due to their natural ingredients (basically these waters also have a kind of functional part).
Strictly speaking water has itself positive physiological functions that may be modified by electrical treatments or adding ingredients.

The scientific findings have proved that several substances can be added through water better and more efficiently than food as:

  • water soluble substances have a better utilization biologically and they have different pharmacokinetics  (effect of medicine to the body) than for foodstuffs;
  • particular components may be added as undesirable interactions between ingredients are minimal;
  • many compounds are more toxic when they are added by food rather than by water; (e.g.: fluoride ions).

Functional waters such as water with high level of stabilized oxygen or alkaline or acid waters are sold in trade.


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