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Drinking the right quantity of liquid is essential for the healthy functioning of the body as it is one of the most important nutrient sources for the body in addition to meals. Your body takes up and eliminates liquids permanently and the water taken up hydrates your body. For that reason it is important to drink liquids not only in sufficient quantities but also of sufficient quality. NANNA alkaline water, oxygen water, water with iodine and selenium and soda water serve to support functioning of the body in the course of adding fluids and keeping it in an adequate condition.

Give yourself 2 minutes and your life and your idea on health may be changed completely! Unfortunately there are only a few people when the first apparent symptoms of serious diseases such as cancer appear that process started in the body appr. 4-6 years before but people forget to realize it... Is it important to carry out detoxification of the body? Is it important to alkalinize your body? What is alkaline water for? What is detoxification treatment for? We do hope this page will help YOU become old keeping healthy...

Lúgos víz, oxigénes víz, szódavíz és mofetta

Alkaline Water

Alkaline Water Alkaline water is designed to keep pH value of the body changed in everyday life in balance and establish ideal circumstances for its functioning. A healthy body functions best in an alkaline environment so acidification may be source of several problems. Alkalinization helps tissues getting more oxygen thus detoxification effect is formed. Advantages of drinking alkaline water regularly are among others losing weight and slowing down aging. Consequently, we can say alkaline body is one of the secrets of long life. Drinking NANNA alkaline water regularly helps that.

Oxygen Water

Oxygen Water Oxygen and water are the basic elements of life. The right oxygen concentration in the body has an important part in keeping you healthy. NANNA oxygen water contains stabilized oxygen that mixes with water and it absorbs and gets into tissues and improves oxygen supply in cells. Due to that it has several benefits such as better sense of well being and mental ability or enhanced physical performance and stamina. In addition, it shows better nutrition absorption and detoxification effect. For this reason it is essential to provide sufficient oxygen supply to the body and oxygen water helps it.

Soda Water

Soda Water Various alcohol and alcohol free types of soda water have become a part of everyday life. The pH value of soda water with healthy effect for the body is between 3 and 4. It is bubbly and fizzy due to its free carbon dioxide content. It has disinfection effect due to its acidity that protects the oral cavity and esophagus against bacterial and virus diseases. Sugar and phosphorous acid free soda water does not damage the teeth and promotes better digestion. It has a benefit for athletes too as it reduces muscle pain and tiredness as well as it improves the muscles’ ability to perform. It is therefore recommended for health-conscious people to drink soda water.

Home Mofetta

Home Mofetta Mofetta carbon dioxide gas bath – it offers treatment for angiopathy and vascular system diseases. Mofetta gas increases the carbon dioxide content of tissues by diffusing through skin so they take oxygen from blood in a larger quantity stimulating and improving blood supply. Its effect covers the whole blood system among others the connective tissues under the skin and the internal organs. One of its greatest advantages is that it is not a stationary unit so it can be used anywhere. The application of the mofetta is an outstandingly efficient and safe method for the treatment of complaints of vascular system so a daily use is also allowed.

Acidic Water

Acidic Water Acidic water is a drink of excellent disinfecting effect that may be applied for drinking and for external use by treating injuries or for skin care. In addition to disinfection, it carries out detoxification due to its effect of removing roughage while it does not cause acidification in tissues. Consequently, their ability to take oxygen does not reduce and functioning remains healthy. Due to its disinfection effect it helps with the treatment of superficial wounds. Besides, it hydrates the skin and makes it firmer. By drinking acidic water a regulated acid environment is provided to the body so the proper digestion and nutrition absorption may be promoted.

Iodine and selenium water

Iodine and selenium water The elements and trace elements necessary for the functioning of your body are taken mostly by meals and drinking liquids. Iodine and selenium are among the most important functional trace elements that contribute to the healthy functioning of the body. For this reason several diseases such as thyroid hypo-function or hyper-function or thyroid diseases may be prevented when they are substituted. Iodine and selenium enriched water helps slowing down cell aging and contributes to maintaining tissues flexibility. Positive iodine has an essential part in the proper mental development, metabolism and thyroid function.