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Acidic water

Acidic water that does not acidify the body! By drinking this product you can achieve silky skin without any chemicals even after 2 or 3 treatments! It release toxins in your body !

Get prettier naturally!

For an external use it can restore the neutral skin condition, it has an excellent hydrating effect and it makes skin firmer it makes smaller wrinkles disappear leg ulcer can be treated efficiently  by compress or spraying and using it for fungus skin infection or spotty skin or washing fruit or vegetables it has an excellent effect.

Why is optimal acidic environment in the body essential?
Is there any acidic water that does not acidify the body? The answer is definitely yes!

A safely regulated environment is essential even for a fit and healthy body. Did you know that the acidic environment has a part in food digestion  (pH value of stomach acid is  1,3 – 1,4), absorption  (salt formation), inhibiting virus bacterial and/or fungus infections or healing superficial bruises, ulcer, burning injuries, gum bleeding etc. ?

It is of great importance that hyper-oxidized   acidic waters treated with electrical water treatment with effect of  proton donor mechanism do not acidify tissues in spite of their acidic pH (buffer cpacaity is almost) but they have beneficial effect by roughage breakdown potential! Can you imagine detoxification without releasing roughage?!

Would you have thought?  IntimAqua and  AquaOmega are acidic waters that do not acidify tissues and through their great breakdown potential they can release roughage deposited!


Disinfect your body using acidic water!

It is a natural mineral water based drink with excellent disinfection effect and due to the modified molecular structure of acidic water low buffer capacity that can destroy various bacteria and viruses having detoxifying effect.  It is fit both for external or internal use!

Special products of our drink line are acidic waters that do not acidify tissues despite their acidic pH value and they do not irritate very sensitive cornea for eye rinse.

If it is drunk regularly as part of a cure you can detoxify your body and help your body with self-cleansing ! Due to hyper-oxidized effect acidic waters can have an important part in preventing and treating problems of so called oxidative stress!

What is the strength of our acidic waters,  IntimAqua and AquaOmega?

IntimAqua is the perfect solution for intimate health problems:

•     It is acidic  pH<2,8 antimicrobial and hyper-oxidized
•     It can be used for irrigation of urinary tract infections or vaginal infections
•     It can be used for spraying burning injuries and ulcer wounds or controlling bleeding
•     It can be used for treating fungus skin surfaces
•     It can be used against loss of hair and dandruff by rubbing head
•     It can be used for disinfection of other instruments 

AquaOmega is the right product for breakdown of roughage:

•    Acidic pH<3 antimicrobial, hyper-oxidized,
•    breakdown of roughage
•    minimum buffer capacity
•    very high redox potential value
•    It can be used for control or stop of bleeding,
•    for wounds, open wounds, gum bleeding,
•    for gargling in case of mouth infection or tonsil inflammation,
•    for prevention of tumor formation,
•    for colitis, arthritis  or hypertension;
•    for external use it can restore the neutral state of skin

Disinfect your body using our acidic waters!


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