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Alkaline water

Just some steps for your health! Did you know that tumorous cells die in alkaline medium?

It is essential for your bodily and mental health not to let acidification in your body! You have to start changes in your diet and way of life to balance of acid-base in other words the pH of your body.
Is alkalinization one of the most efficient processes for balancing cell metabolism? Just look at our advice and convince yourself it is true! Drink alkaline water!

Step 1  – drinking high quality water!

You must have heard or read that alkalinization is based on intake of liquid of an optimal quantity. As first  step intake of liquid is the most important!
You need a lot of liquid during alkalinization as your body has to remove a lot of toxins evacuate from your body and they are to be washed out. You need water made by innovative technology confirmed by science for such a “big cleaning” just like NANNA alkaline water and not a cure for all ills!

Certain symptoms or complaints show hyperacidity in the body. You can recognize without any physician that you need help and alkalinization! Do you suffer from pathological diarrhea, reflux (stomach acid in the mouth), burning feeling in the throat, chronicle coughing, muscular strain or hangover? Yes these symptoms show that your body has been fed up with acid medium and cry for alkalinization!

What do you have to think when it is about drinking a lot of liquid? You should not think of drinking fruit juices, soft drinks or tea all with a lot of sugar as these hinder alkalinization and you cannot achieve any results. Clean water of good quality can be an efficient solution but the best thing is to start the cure by drinking alkaline water as first step!

Step 2  – eating more alkalizing foods and less acidifying foods

It is the most important thing to start alkalinization by drinking as much liquid as possible liquid , possibly alkaline water as the best choice, however, you do not have to disregard which foods are alkalizing and which ones are acidifying. It is of great importance to avoid acidifying foods and change over alkalizing diet gradually.

Some alkalizing and acidifying foods and drinks are listed below for your information what to choose and avoid if you start an alkalizing cure! Remember that your diet influences the pH balance of your body considerably! The acidifying state of the body causes and maintains several health problems and pathological states  (e.g. diabetes II type, high cholesterol level, obesity, reflux disease ulcer diseases, enteritis /IBD/ and autoimmune  diseases and several tumor/cancer types.
Healthy tissues are alkaline and cancerous tissues are acidic! Acidity inhibits oxygen to get into tissues and alkalinity  increases the oxygen level of tissues. Remember that your diet Ne  influences the pH balance of your body considerably! You must be aware of the fact you’re your body can take a lot of oxygen if it is properly alkalized!

Foods and drinks known for acidifying effect:

•    cola
•    fizzy drinks
•    foods prepared by adding sugar
•    noodles
•    eggs
•    bread, rice, fats
•    potatoes, tomatoes, mushrooms, apples
•    coffee, tea, wine
•    cheese
•    salty cold cuts made with preservatives

Foods and drinks recommended by us too as they have alkalizing features:

•    any vegetables
•    the alkalizing effect of lemons, sour cherries, coco and grapefruit are well-known but the other fruit species are acidifying
•    soya
•    chocolate milk
•    plant oils
•    cereal such as buckwheat, millet and spelt
•    grain such as almond and pumpkin seed
•    as far as spices are concerned bulb crops, bean species, ginger and red peper can help with alkalization.

75-80 % alkalizing and 20-25 % acidifying foods and alkaline water and functional drinks are recommended for a balanced and health protecting diet.

Step 3  – regular exercise

In several magazine and forums dealing with healthy lifestyle you can read about the necessity of regular exercise that is really essential in connection with various cures A change in diet or starting a slimming diet are vain effort if you do not do some sports at least one hour three times every week! People are inclined to be lazy in our world become too comfortable and full of technical innovations, which can cause a considerable deterioration of life quality ! Become fresh, flush your body and do some exercise!
The most natural solution is drinking functional alkaline water!

It is important to know that for the alkaline water supporting health conscious diet the so called ORP value /electron intake and release ability/ of the alkaline water is the most determining factor and not the pH value. In addition, it does not have any buffer capacity (it cannot be explained with the conventional theory of acid-base, acid is not neutralized).

One of the basic questions of physiology is metabolism of food ingredients (carbon hydrates, fats , proteins etc. ) within the body  (decomposition and transformation) and biological utilization. It has been known for a long time that organic substances of various structure are (also) formed. They are developed from the amino acids from protein decomposition e.g.  acetic acid or  grape acid etc.

If you do some sports or do any other exercise  lactic acid is formed by your muscles (muscular strain) that causes increase of level to be measured in blood too. The performance of muscles decreases when lactic acid is accumulated. The alkaline physiological environment  (pH>7) decreases the accumulation of lactic acid enhancing (re-establishing) muscular performance. Do not suffer from muscular strain and pain, drink alkaline water that has a benefit to your muscles! Your muscles regain strength again by an alkalizing cure and you can slow down certain processes such as ageing and you can use it efficiently when you want to lose some weight! There are a number of diseases but the cause is always the same: toxins and acids  that are due to a lifestyle that is not natural or not according to life. Unfortunately, acidification is “fruit” of our civilization and the base of every disease. In 1933, William Howard Hay a physician from New York stated that „all the diseases are due to a self-intoxication following the accumulation of acids”

No matter how old you are or which state your body has – one thing is sure: if you alkalize your body, you will feel definitely better. Functional alkaline water can help you
Alkaline water is the hero of alkalization!

It is important to know that alkalization and drinking  mineral water based alkaline water made by first class technology and electrical water treatment are essential and we remind you that alkalization is a complementing and very useful cure for the improvement of your life quality but the proper and healthy diet is basically required!
Your body has to take “undesirable” guests every day. these are harmful substances that start various chemical processes. Alkaline foods and alkaline water (that have possibly effects on cell level and do not have any buffer capacity) are needed to balance acid-base level in your body and change pH value in a positive direction.

Why do we need alkalization?

Considering the fact how our ancestors got and stored  food we can see that due to their hunting and fishing lifestyle  did not demand preservation as they ate everything fresh or dried. It is due to the rush of the modern world and highly developed civilization that everything has been accelerated and the human body could not adopt. You fill your body toxins and harmful substances, that cannot be removed from the body in a conventional way. Your foods do not contain so many trace elements, vitamins and fibers in other words building stones  with which your body as a “castle under siege” could restore itself. Consequently, widespread diseases such as various kinds of allergy, overweight, all kinds of organ problems, depression and diabetes. Alkalinization is a collection of these building stones  and they aim at stopping siege.
Alkalinization is therefore a fight against the acidification causing by overburden of your body  that can win if you can remove all the toxins finally. It is possible only if you wash harmful substances from your body! The most efficient solution can be in this regard to drink high quality mineral water based alkaline water!
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•    the advantage of alkaline water is that it does not have any buffer capacity and it neutralizes stomach acid so stomach acid can process nutrition completely 
•    alkaline water tries to balance cell metabolism. Information of great importance:   NANNA alkaline water has a minimal sodium content: 44 milligram/liter 
•   alkaline water produced by our company has another advantage namely  the favourable redoxpotential value ( redoxpotenciál is the measurement  of oxidization and reduction ability. A structure of more positive redoxpotential can oxidize the more negative one. This means the more positive a redoxpotential value is the more oxidized the system is enabling propagation of free radicals! Redoxpotential is more determining for your body than  pH value, -87-86!)
•    cancerous cells are destroyed in alkaline medium

Alkalize your body and live a clean life! NANNA alkaline water helps you!


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