Alkaline water, detoxification

NANNA alkaline water and functional water line, purification, detoxification and immune system

Detoxification is always an actual issue

What is detoxification? How can you start it? What is the importance of water  in the removing of roughage?

Why do you have to detoxify your body?

The immune system is an original part of your body  and it helps your body with the protection against any infections by enhanced immunity. This protection mechanism is actually a complete system as you cells, tissues and organs fight against the development of diseases jointly. The duty of your immune system is to distinguish  own  or foreign substances in the body and to remove and destroy these foreign substances. Now we are giving you advice and information about  how to clean your body how to help your body with protection in order to remove toxins from your body !

Detoxification  – how to start?

Your organs carrying out cleaning in the body such as kidney, liver, lungs, bowels and even skin have to work hard to select  toxins. Toxins do not spare even a fit body full of life as they get into your body without being noticed. Detergents, cosmetics and all kinds of household items containing chemicals can be harmful. Remember the harmful physiological effects of air and water pollution that are a serious problem nowadays. To promote self-cleaning, you have to eliminate  foods with preservatives and unhealthy additives and to pay special attention to sufficient intake of liquid! Thus you can do a lot for your health! You agree that toxins have to be removed, don’t you?

Increased intake of liquid and decreased intake of toxins – the basic elements of an efficient cleansing of your body!

There are a lot of people thinking wrongly that their body is clean and it does not need any detoxification as they are not ill and they do not have any serious health problems. Still, the accumulation of toxins have a lot of unpleasant symptoms and changes and you can get rid of them naturally if you detoxify your body. Some of them are mentioned: spotty skin, stress, tiredness, depression and feeling of exhaustion , muscle and joint pains, bad metabolism, and digestion problems. Do not look for problem source because we have found it out for you! What can the solution be?  Body purification by a first class technology and waters with electrical water treatment! Just look how they can help with cleansing your body!

16-day body purification  – united we stand!

AquaAlfa (alkaline),  OxySpin Redox (slightly alkaline) and AquaOmega (acidic) as the super premium products of our water product line can contribute to an efficient body purification!  If you perform this special body purification each quarter of half a year your body can have a state that no other interventions are needed! Let us introduce you the steps of this 16-day body purification.

1.    Early in the morning  – AquaAlfa (alkaline)
It is recommended to drink AquaAlfa alkaline water in the morning in increasing, stagnant and decreasing dosing during the 16-day body purification. In the first morning  drink 2 dl, on the second day 3 dl and so on increasing the quantity by 1 dl every day. After the seventh deciliter  you should keep this quantity then decrease the dose by 1 deciliter each day until the quantity of 2 deciliters is achieved.  It is important not to drink it directly before and after or during your meals!

2.    In the daytime  – OxySpin Redox (slightly alkaline)
In the course of the body purification  you should drink a minimum of  1,5 liter OxySpin Redox of slightly alkaline pH value and low redox potential value and with high stabilized oxygen content.

3.    Evening  - AquaOmega (acidic)
In the evening you should drink AquaOmega with acidic pH in a quantity equal to that one of AquaAlfa drunk in the morning after your meal and before going to bed in increasing, stagnant and decreasing quantity each day!