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Home mofetta product  - for treatment and cure of vascular diseases!

Mofetta – the natural solution!

Mofetta is traditionally a  gas discharge of late-stage volcanic activity  emitting mainly carbon dioxide.  A revolutionary new and individual method has been developed by our company  (Hungarian patent) that is one of the most treatment form of vascular diseases! This is home mofetta product that is a carbon dioxide gas bath that can be used individually at home!  It is recommended to use it regularly as a cure for a better solution and a state free of symptoms!

How does home mofetta product help? Using this mofetta product you can avoid even limb amputation!

Mofetta gas  stops deterioration of state for the major part of patients and using it the final intervention that is amputation can be avoided in many cases! Could you suppose it?

Home mofetta product is of great importance namely it is mobile and anybody can use it anywhere.  It is an important physiological effect that due to  the increase of carbon dioxide content of blood and tissues  the tissues rich in carbon dioxide get oxygen from blood in a greater quantity with the usual oxygen saturation of blood. The gas diffusing through skin gets into tissues and this effect covers binding tissues of skin and under skin and the internal organs.  Changing  periphery resistance  it influences not only the whole blood circulation but also heart function!

How does this revolutionary new and efficient method help – what is the strength of mofetta product ?

Before you order a home mofetta product it is important  to know what disease or disorder causes your problems! Ask for our professional advice or consult your attending physician for the cause of your symptoms! Gas has a significant function in the widening of blood vessels  so this home mofetta product can be recommended as follows:

•    for heart and circulatory problems
•    after-treatment and prevention of cerebral problems 
•    rehabilitation of various wears  (with the appropriate medicine) )
•    for hypertension 
•    for dermatology  and gynecology treatments

This home mofetta product can be used cure-related by increasing daily dosing, the first day 20 minutes, then 30, 40 and finally 50 minutes.

Trust the strength of healing mofetta gas! Order  a home mofetta product set now!

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Registration number of Health Licensing and Public Administration Office Medical technical Directorate: HU/CA01/1117/07. registered in conformity with Art. 10 Paragraph 3 of  Decree of the Ministry of Health no. 16/2006 (March 27) on medical technical instruments. EAN code: 5998163710292.