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Water with stabilized oxygen

What is needed for life?  Oxygen and water!

Our oxygen waters:
OxySpin és OxySport – have more information about them!

Water and oxygen are the basic elements of life. Oxygen provides life here on earth. Toxins in your foods and drinks, air pollution and lack of regular sports activity all decrease the oxygen quantity essential for cell function.

If your cells do not get enough oxygen, metabolism problems appear. Skipping and  unhealthy eating, , stress of modern life, wrong posture, breathing difficulties due to smog, smoking, artificial lights in namely “electro-smog” contribute to oxidation disorders.

1000 milliliter  that is 1 liter of oxygen  have to be delivered to cells for keeping the internal stability of your body. Ideally, the sufficient oxygen supply is provided by blood. A small quantity of oxygen dissolves in blood plasma  and the remaining part is bound to hemoglobin molecules.  Metabolism functions do not work ideally if oxygen cannot get cells in a sufficient quantity due to missing  hemoglobin!

If you drink water with stabilized oxygen you can help your body with removing toxins and cleansing from toxins!  After removing undesirable toxins your body, spirit and mind can be refreshed!
Stabilized oxygen can have excellent detoxifying and infection effects and  it can help with destroying anaerob bacteria and fungus!

OxySpin és OxySport – you can overcome toxins!

•    they have antioxidant effects and ability to bind free radicals over 70 %
•     they can decrease helicobacter pylori Candida albicans infection
•     drinking these products digestion can be improved and everyday excrement
•     they can help the oxygen supply of coronary artery 
•     they can reduce the risk of heart attack
•    they can inhibit fermentation in the body
•    they are rich in stabilized oxygen (180 000 – 240 000 ppm)









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